Empowering Future Aviators

Who We Are

The Future Pilots Foundation is a 501C non-profit organization dedicated to supporting veterans in their journey to become professional pilots. We understand the challenges veterans face in pursuing their dream careers, which is why we are committed to bridging the gap by providing scholarships for private pilot licenses.

Our mission is simple: “Empowering aspiring pilots through scholarships and mentorship programs.” We believe in empowering veterans to achieve their goals and aspirations in the aviation industry.

What We Do

The Future Pilot Foundation offers specialized scholarships for veterans transitioning to private pilots, aiding their move into professional aviation. Our mentorship programs guide veterans through training, linking them to aviation jobs for career advancement.

How to Apply

If you’re a separating veteran with dreams of becoming a professional pilot, we invite you to apply for our scholarship program. Stay tuned for updates on our application process and scholarship review committee. More details to follow!

How You Can Help

Support veterans by donating to our cause. Your generosity helps fund scholarships and support programs for aspiring pilots. Let’s empower veterans to pursue aviation and achieve their dreams. Trident stands with veterans as they chase their pilot dreams. Join us in supporting our heroes on this journey.

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