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Preferred Partners

Preferred Partners

Story By Nadine Makos

Our newest venture is into making connections and as always, going above and beyond for our  clients and partners. Our Preferred Partners list is an exclusive list of trusted professionals such  as Realtors, Builders, and more. We have vetted their knowledge, abilities, and willingness to go  above and beyond for you, our clients!  

On the surface this seems like a no brainer. Help our clients connect with home buying  professionals. Simple. However, when you factor in the knowledge that a lot of our clients are  members of the Military – this starts to make more and more sense. You might have a trusted  Realtor in your current city, but what happens when you get orders or a job offer in another  city/state? Instead of relying on internet searches and whoever has the most billboards- you can  choose based on referral experience.  

For instance, Bobby Baker, a realtor in the Florida Keys had a client who he had been working  with for a few years on multiple houses. The client was getting stationed to Colorado and had no  idea who he should work with. Bobby reached out to Trident and asked if we had any Realtor  connections in CO. We did! Using our Preferred Partner site, we were able to connect the client  with a new Realtor. Bobby and the new Relator were able to even split the commission so it was  mutually beneficial for the Realtors. These Realtors and Builders are here for your benefit. Truly.  While some companies may use a cut of the fees to pay for sources and even add costs to the  borrower, we will never do that. There is no money exchanged between our partners and Trident  Home Loans. We are solely here to provide a networking opportunity for you. 

We are licensed in 46 states and DC so our reach for trusted contacts is vast. Use this site to  locate your state and narrow down to a trusted partner in your area. Trident Home Loans is a  Veteran Owned and Operated company. While we do a variety of loan types, majority of our  

loans are VA or from a Veteran. Many of our partners are also affiliated with the Military. This  is just another way to connect our fellow Veterans and treat each other with the respect that is so  very deserved. 

If you are a Realtor or Builder and would like to be connected to the Preferred Partner List – contact a MLO today. We will prove to you why we are an award winning company with the #1  VA Veteran Loan Originator. In return, we will vet our experience in working with you and  establish your place on our site.