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Nandani is a working mom, with a 2 year old girl. She was born in the jungles of Trinidad and Tobago and raised in bustling city of New York. Her background is in Visual Arts & when she’s not doing loans she’s handling power tools and paintbrushes. Nandani spent a few years in India studying Bhakti Yoga and awakens before sunrise each morning to perform her daily meditation practice. Nandani is a social media enthusiast and reaches most of her clients from her educational videos. As a first generation immigrant in the US, she saw first hand how difficult it can be without the proper guidance and education to get into a home. She loves to help teach people throughout the US how easy home ownership can be.”

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Arizona: 1044623, California – DFPI: CA-DFPI2367091, Colorado: 100535467, Florida: LO114731, Tennessee: 2367091, New Jersey.


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